The LEGION® NUTRITION Gainer Exclusive is a classic product on the supplement market and ideal for the muscle building phase

The Gainer Exclusive contains among others high quality protein and quickly available carbohydrates

• A perfect product for your high-carb and protein daily routine!
• It delivers your body energy in the form of carbs and protein and provides your body with 206 kcal per serving
• The Gainer Exclusive contains right up to 76g carbohydrates per 100g powder!
• Carbohydrates contribute to the maintenance of normal brain function (the
beneficial effect is obtained with a daily intake of 130 g of carbohydrates from all sources)
• Protein source: Our Gainer contains 15g proteins per 100g powder – Protein
contributes to a maintenance and growth of muscle mass and the maintenance of normal bones
• An extremely delicious taste and no preservatives!

Gainer Exclusive – The supplement for your growth of body weight

If you want to gain body weight, you have to eat a lot and often don´t get the needed nutrients and calories in sufficient quantities. The basics and the key factor in gaining weight are clear: Excess calories. The fact is, that you will only gain weight if you eat more calories than your body needs/burns. Sometimes it can be hard to eat a lot, so liquid calories are a lot easier to take in. Therefore LEGION® NUTRITION designed the Gainer Exclusive: it´s mixed quickly and delivers your body with good calories in the from of mainly carbs and protein. It´s ideal, simple and very popular to take it in the mass-building-phase!

A good combination: Carbs and protein!

For a lot of people it´s hard to imagine that there are many people who are very hard on body mass, in a time where obesity is a constant issue in medicine and society. In fact, the calorie needs of these mostly young men through disposition or extreme sports activity is so high that they can increase their body weight only with difficulty. The solution: The LEGION® NUTRITION Gainer Exclusive. It provides you 1597kJ/376kcal per 100g powder in the form of 76g carbohydrates and 15g proteins. Furthermore, you receive a widespread amino-acid profile, that includes all BCAAs and EAAs and 10 other amino acids on top!

The Gainer Exclusive is an incredible taste adventure

If you want to build up bodyweight you should consume your Gainer Exclusive with milk rather than water. This gives you more calories, more carbohydrates and more proteins. Additionally with milk you get a better taste than with water. The LEGION® NUTRITION Gainer Exclusive promises an incredible taste adventure. Compared to other weight gainers, that are hard to drink because of the neutral taste, our weight gainer has a very delicious taste, so it´s very easy to drink! The powder is particularly easily soluble and does not clump.


Maltodextrin, SOYA protein isolate, fat reduced cocoa powder, flavouring. May contain traces of GLUTEN, MILK and EGG.

Preparation & Recommended Dose:

Put 30 g powder (approx. 2 spoons) and 200 ml fat
reduced milk (1,5% fat) and mix vigorously using the Shak- er for 20 seconds. We recommend to drink one serving up to three times per day. Best is the usage prior to high intensity training or a competition, directly after the work-out and before bedtime.


The stated recommended daily dose must not be exceeded. Do not use as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy way of living. Store outside the reach of young children. * According to commercial practice.